Membership Application

Annual membership fees are 8,000 yen for Full Membership, 5,000 yen for Student Membership, and 20,000 yen for Associate Membership. The membership fee includes a subscription to the annual Shakespeare Studies (in English, Print), Shakespeare Journal (in Japanese, Print), and Shakespeare Newsletter (in Japanese, Web). There is an annual conference of the Society which all members may attend without paying an extra fee. Annual subscriptions to Shakespeare Studies alone cost 2,000 yen for individuals and 5,000 yen for institutions. Overseas subscribers should add postage charges to the annual rates (Asia: 700 yen, rest of the world: 800 yen). Overseas members/subscribers to Shakespeare Studies are requested to send the relevant fees by International Money Order in Japanese yen, or pay by Post Office Giro (00140-8-33142), to The Shakespeare Society of Japan. The form below should be filled in and sent to or the following address :

The Shakespeare Society of Japan
c/o Professor Shoichiro Kawai
The University of Tokyo (Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies)
3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8902, Japan

Membership Application Form